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I feel as though my bubble of euphoria has ended regarding the moment I met Gaga and I’m finally able to critically think about what happened lol Looking back, I spent six years idolizing someone who helped me feel good about myself, someone who I thought understood me, she was a god-like figure to me. I honestly would spend hours blogging about her and fan-girling until I cried (I know, odd & all). I love those memories and will always cherish them because it gave me something to love. However, there was something about meeting her and realizing that she is an ordinary person with an extraordinary public image that, in a sense, ruined the image I had of her.

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This is so true. Experienced it twice already with my idols. And tell me … why did I decide to go to the Xena con in France again? I will meet one of the two persons I’m still idolizing and make me live in that bubble. Ok, I’m officially afraid now to meet Lucy Lawless.

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